Not a CAD Jockey

A competent SolidWorks solid modeler does not approach a SolidWorks station with a disposition similar to one playing a video game.  Much more conceptual thought and attention to purpose and hierarchy of importance must be reasoned through before the mouse and keyboards are touched.  Where to begin a model is of utmost importance to future editing or engineering changes.  If everything proceeds in an orderly, hierarchical manner not only is an excellent model procured, a model easy to adjust by way of engineering changes comes into existence.


SolidWorks Modeling

Solid modeling is the new starting point for product engineering/development.  SolidWorks is one of the programs with which solid modeling can be done well and whose resulting files are readily useable across the industrial spectrum.  With SolidWorks we generate geometry, simple or complex, autonomous or related, in assemblies or alone.  After said geometry is created, good things have just begun.  All of the industrial arts and specialties of modern industry can read the resulting file and an excellent plan can be formulated for the production of the specimen which is now visible and easily fabricated into a prototype using one or more of the many prototyping methods.  At this point the original file has not even begun to have exhausted its usefulness.  The same file can be used for marketing, casting patterns, injection mold cavities, die design, company website product accessibility, machine design, endless assembly application, as well as machining and welding fixture design.  No redrawing of the same product as it was in the 80’s.


15 Years of Experience

Introductory level knowledge compared to seasoned experiential knowledge means the difference between the intern and the doctor.  Given any situation requiring a solution, a course of action is quickly judged expedient or not from a far deeper level of certainty and confidence by the latter.  This translates into the ready availability of cost effective services. It’s just that simple. St. Joseph Mold and Tool Co. was one of the early users of SolidWorks and has for a decade and a half integrated said program into every project, including tools, dies, injection molds, special machines, fixtures, gages, military replacement details and even several products patented by the customers.  We grew in knowledge with the program.

 Invested In SolidWorks…

…so you don’t need to.  Every business owner knows what each can presently afford for tasks attached to their enterprise.  Sometimes even a single seat cannot be cost justified.  Sometimes it is a matter of not being ready to add an additional seat.  Bottlenecks in a company’s CAD department can easily be relieved.  If a job is held up at a CNC machine due to a difficulty programming from old prints, let us get you going quickly.

Services Available To…

…all manufacturers and even all dreamers, of an entrepreneurial inclination.  We are located in northern Indiana and can easily reach a large radius including Chicago.  The internet makes the world appear small as far as the ready transfer of data necessary to produce a solid model.  If you can sketch and scan it, or if you have already existent drawings partial or complete, these are sufficient.  We can get an initial model back to you usually within a few days.  In this latter sense we are certainly a global company.  We are very happy to arrange on-site solid modeling upon request.   Contact John Chabot at 574 293 2585 and have your ideas ready.

DOD Drawings …

…can often be outdated and not readily processed by current shops due in large part to the rapid changes in technology from the time the initial drawing was authored to the present when a replacement detail is being sought by the DOD.  With a SolidWorks solid model and drawings, from the DOD prints, everything can be run through the channels of a modern manufacturing facility.