About Us

St. Joseph Mold and Tool Co. is a well established facility in Michiana, having supplied the manufacturers of this region with a broad spectrum of tooling and precision machining since its foundation in 1987.  At the heart of this enterprise is John Chabot, who began his formal training with a Tool and Die apprenticeship in 1973.  After the completion of his apprenticeship John worked in 19 different Tool, Die, and Injection Mold fabricating facilities in the Michiana area.  “He watched the good times come,” as the song goes.  By 1987 John had accumulated sufficient skills to open his own facility, St. Joseph Mold and Tool Co., under the umbrella of Louroth Industries Corp.  The late Louis Rothbauer was then the president of Louroth Industries.

102_0222At St. Joseph Mold and Tool Co. John designed and built an enormous variety of tooling for the vibrant industrial facilities of this region.  He also produced custom details for the Department of Defense.  Military aircraft, tank, and submarines were all mountainous regions of complex technology and volumes of specifications with which John had to become familiar.  In ten years of defense contracting no First Article Test from St. Joseph Mold and Tool Co. was rejected.  In serving the domestic industries, from injection molds weighing 8000 lbs +, to the tiny electrodes of a heart pacemaker, and almost everything imaginable in between, products were developed, prototypes were fabricated and tested, tooling was designed, and finally tooling was fabricated all under one roof. Very cost efficient for the customer.

During this exciting period of experiential gain, John became familiar with SolidWorks.  The year was 1998.  Solid modeling was gradually becoming within reach of small business owners.  Many still cannot cost justify it.  Some cannot cost justify numerous seats to eliminate bottlenecks in their CAD department.  SolidWorks is a program that is very compatible with the inventive needs and common tasks of the modern industrial complex (get a 3D model, then quickly procure a prototype).  John took to it like a duck takes to water, while applying it to the needs of his customer base, most of whom needed patentable products developed.  You don’t build a production tool until you are certain of the product specifics.  Once the product specifics are expressed in a SolidWorks digital file, everything else follows quite smoothly.

SolidWorks is a tool.  A tool is as valuable as the mind behind it.  SolidWorks cannot originate anything but SolidWorks provides an excellent technical route by which a well defined concept in an inventive mind can efficiently become a productive piece of capital equipment with a minimum of expense.  Customers choose wisely when they seek to obtain a SolidWorks digital file.  Customers choose very wisely when they seek to obtain a SolidWorks digital file from a source which has four decades of inventive experience behind the mouse and buttons.